Lift Foils price

Our Lift Foils price list for Europe is in EUR and applicable for shipments within Europe. The prices are in line with the Liftfoils prices at in USD.  In Europe we need to add VAT to the price for legal reasons.

We explain in more detail below the table how the price is calculated.

Unitprice per unit in EURNote:
Lift Foils 4'4 Pro13.990incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Lift Foils 5'0 Sport13.990incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Lift Foils 5'6 Cruiser13.990incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Lift Foils 6'2 Explorer13.990incl. 19% VAT for Germany
ESC Box1.999incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Battery3.999incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Hand Controller290incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Wing 110749incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Wing 150799incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Wing 170829incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Wing 200899incl. 19% VAT for Germany
Wing 250999incl. 19% VAT for Germany

The prices above are for pick in Berlin, Germany.

Lift Foils price example calculation:

Most electric surfboard websites are showing a price without VAT and shipping. The reason is easy as the VAT and shipping costs depend on the country where the boards ship to. In Europe we need to list prices including VAT and we will do here for a delivery address in Germany as an example.
The Lift Foils efoil price is 12,000 USD excluding VAT plus another 700 USD for shipping to Europe according to the Lift website. This is about 11,470 EUR. On top of that you have to pay import tax and handling fees for customs which add another 500 EUR and brings you to 11,970 EUR. Now you need to add your local VAT which is in Germany 19% and explains the price for Germany.
As you can see our price is actually lower as we safe due to combined shipping (unless we need to ship to you and add shipping costs) and if you order through our shop you will get local support from Europe for any questions you may have before and after the order.
Lift Foils price list Europe
Lift Foils price list Europe

For all other countries we will calculate the final Liftfoils price once we know your delivery address.

All prices are subject to change. Please request your final quote by mentioning your shipping location.