Liftfoils eFoil tutorial videos

In the Liftfoils eFoil tutorial videos you will learn what you can expect from your electric hydrofoil.

1. Initial setup

The following video is explains the initial setup but also explains the different components such like the battery in more detail.

2. Safety

We want you and others around you to be safe when experiencing the Liftfoils eFoil. Please watch this episode before you go foiling. We actually strongly suggest that you watch all these videos and read the manual before you go onto the water the first time.

3. Assembly

Get your eFoil up and running. Your eFoil will come in 3 cases. Learn how to assemble it correctly. This video will also explain the remote control in more detail.

4. Setup at the beach

Learn how you setup your eFoil at the beach. Some final steps and your are ready to go onto the water.

5. Your first ride

In this episode we will explain how you should ride the first time. You will start laying on the board before kneeing and standing up. It is important that you feel comfortable surfing and making turns on the surface before you try to fly.

6. Shut down and maintenance

This video explains how your correctly shut down your Liftfoils eFoil after the ride and how you maintain it. After use in salt water for example you should clean it with fresh water.

7. How to Foil

Now it is time! You will learn start flying. Most riders start flying in the 2nd session, but some can already fly after 15 minutes in the first session. Take your time, it is worth it.

8. Liftfoils eFoil in action

After a few hours of practise you will look like this on your Liftfoils eFoil.

We cover more frequently questions in our FAQ section, please have a look.

Liftfoils eFoil
Liftfoils eFoil

In addition you can meet other electric hydrofoils in the  E-Surfer Forum and share your experience as well as asking question. Out team is supporting the forum and will also answer there.